Creative Healing

Linda Lucas: Herbalist & Nutritionalist

Staff of Creative Healing

  • Peter Hastings, Manager

    Peter Hastings


    Peter has been an apprentice under Linda Lucas for over three years. He assists customers with advice, supplements, and kinesiology testing. His responsibilities also include marketing and ordering.

  • Linda Lucas, Herbalist and Nutritionist

    Linda Lucas

    Herbalist and Nutritionist
    CH, DCN

    • Apprenticed under Herbalist, Louise Allred
    • Dr. Christopher's Herbal School
    • Comprehensive Study in Herbalism with Jim Jenks, HMD
    • Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, British Institute of Homeopathy
    • Chinese Finger Nail and Tongue Diagnosis with Dr. Tsu Tsai Chi
    • Abdominal Massage with Dr. Rosita Arvigo
    • Study with Dr. James Duke in Iquitos, Peru at the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), Explorama Lodge and Napo Camp in the Peruvian Rain Forest
    • Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice Workshop with Alan Gaby, MD and Jonathan Wright, MD
    • Bio–Energetic Medicine, ACMOS Training under Dr. René Naccachian
    • Alternative Medicine and Supplement Education Workshop, Thorne Research
    • Medicines from the Earth, Conferences Yearly