Creative Healing

Linda Lucas: Herbalist & Nutritionalist

Services Offered by Creative Healing

  • Consultation

    Time: {2 hours}

    {Drawing of Consultation}
    What to Expect
    Linda will listen to your health history and advise appropriate nutrition — including diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements — as well as a wellness program to get you on the road to healing. Please bring any medicine that you are currently taking. This consult will run approximately two hours. Follow up appointments last one hour. Phone consults are available as well.
  • Detox Foot Bath

    Time: {35 minutes}

    {Drawing of Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath}
    What to Expect
    The Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath is designed to restore the body's energy balance and facilitate its natural detoxification process through your skin, your largest organ. Your feet will be placed in a tub of warm water for thirty-five minutes. While you relax, you can also expect a nice cup of hot herbal tea.
    This treatment is used to pull toxins and chemicals out of the body through the feet or hands.
  • MIT Therapy

    Time: {30 minutes}

    {Drawing of Mineral Infrared Therapeutic Device}
    What to Expect
    Mineral Infrared Therapeutic Device Treatments are thirty minutes of relaxing radiant warmth from an Infrared Lamp.
    This machine is used for a variety of problems, a few of which are listed below:

    1. Decrease inflammation and edema from soft tissue injuries
    2. Relieve muscular aches and pains
    3. Relieve arthritis pain
    4. Assist in healing of skin disorders (Eczema, Psoriasis, cetera)
    5. Balance the nervous system
    6. Promote healing